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Lords of Limited

Jun 7, 2021

As the days of drafting Strixhaven come to a close, we take the opportunity this week to look at which archetypes passed the test of this format and which ones failed. How were the best decks built, what led to less functional versions of each college, and where did they fall on the spectrum of aggro to control?


May 31, 2021

We've got a lot of homework this week for the students at Strixhaven with our "What's the Play?" episode! We walk through a handful of "Keep or Mulligan" decisions as well as some in-game scenarios to show you how and why we're making the plays we make during our games of limited in STX. We also reveal our free...

May 24, 2021

This week, we're going through not one but TWO entire draft logs from our time in Strixhaven Limited.  We break down the reasoning behind each pick, the different elements we're juggling as we progress through the draft, and what the final build for each deck looks like!

Ben's Draft:

May 20, 2021

For our May Bonus Episode, we sit down with one of the founders of and current Chief Marketing Officer for, Mashi Scanlan! We ask Mashi about a number of topics including the origin story of CFB, leaving his job as a lawyer behind, what is important for making good content, and if the current MTG...

May 17, 2021

Now that we're a month into our semester at Strixhaven, we're ready to hand out Gold Stars and Demerits to our big overperformers and underperformers. Where did we go wrong in our evaluations? What cards have surprised us the most? And where have we landed on the top commons for each college? All this and more in this...