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Lords of Limited

Jul 31, 2018

Episode 57 is here and allows to you take a virtual seat at the featured drafts from GP Minnesota and navigate them along with your hosts who bring over 100 drafts of experience with them! Don't miss out on the chance to compare your draft game to the pros. Also, please check out this M19 What's the Play article by our...

Jul 24, 2018

Episode 56 is here and brings along a complete breakdown of every draft archetype in M19! With over 70 drafts of experience between them, your hosts go deep on archetype plans, signal cards for archetypes, and filling out your deck with cards become better when played in a certain archetype. Don't miss out on this info...

Jul 17, 2018

Episode 55 is here and is jam packed full of information about how to crush your next M19 draft! With over 35 drafts between them already, your hosts break down what is winning and why!


Link to stats spreadsheet: 

Jul 9, 2018

Episode 54 is here and brings your hosts' 1st impressions of the sealed format after doing a combined eleven 5-round Competitive Sealed Events on MTGO with a 72.5% winrate! Over-performers and under-performers are discussed as well as why X/1s might be something to avoid in Sealed and maybe even draft. Don't miss out on...

Jul 2, 2018

Episode 53 is here and contains everything you need to know about Core Set 2019 to crush your Prerelease! The Lords of Limited Crash Course will give a big picture view of the format based on statistics compiled by your hosts as well as dive into the details of card analysis and top commons! 

Link to statistics...