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Lords of Limited

Dec 31, 2018

Episode 79 is here to close out 2018 with 50 hot takes about GRN as a way to say goodbye to the format! Your hosts give you everything you need to know to crush one last GRN draft whether it is on Arena or MTGO or at your local FNM!

Dec 25, 2018

Lords of Limited 78 is here to give you a taste of the Vintage Cube on Magic Online! Your hosts lay out The 12 Rules of Cubesmas and then guide you twelve picks deep through a draft analyzing each card along the way! This is a great way to get a feel for drafting cube without the pressure of the Magic Online clock...

Dec 18, 2018

Episode 77 is here with our first ever repeat guest, Ryan Saxe, and brings all of the SCG limited creators together in one place to talk drafting aggro! If you are prone to durdling around, this episode will be sure to raise your ability to draft and play aggro decks in limited! 

Link to the Philosophy of Fire: 

Dec 11, 2018

Episode 76 is here to help you break the UMA draft format wide open! With 16 drafts and 7 trophies between them in just a few days, your hosts go over everything they have learned so far to help you win in UMA including top commons, top archetypes, and cards that have overperformed. Spoiler alert: RG is actually...

Dec 4, 2018

Lords of Limited Episode 75 is here and contains everything you need to know about how to crush your first Ultimate Masters Draft. Your hosts go deep on the expected main archetype for each color pair as well as possible alternate archetypes. This is going to be a synergy driven format, and this episode shows you how to...