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Lords of Limited

Sep 24, 2019

Episode 117 is here with all of the stats you could possibly want about Throne of Eldraine to get you prepared for the new set! Additionally, your hosts go over cards they graded significantly differently, and they rank their top commons and uncommons. Don't miss out on the info you need to get a head start in the...

Sep 17, 2019

Lords of Limited 116 is here and brings you Ben and Ethan's predictions for the Throne of Eldraine limited environment. We take a look at many of the commons and uncommons that have been previewed so far as well as the archetypes that they support.

Draft archetypes: 

Sep 10, 2019

Episode 115 is here with an homage to the famous BenS "Drafting the Hard Way" article. We give you our best effort to summarize what we believe is the optimal approach to drafting with the bots on Arena. This episode is intended to be format agnostic and stand the test of time. Additionally, we go over our 4 Throne of...

Sep 2, 2019

Episode 114 is here and brings you 50 of the hottest takes about M20 in the same amount of time. Whether you want to affirm your thoughts on the M20 format currently, or you want a refresher when it comes back as the Ranked draft on Arena months from now - this episode is for you.