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Lords of Limited

Sep 28, 2020

With the new format beginning to settle, your hosts take this opportunity to look at a bunch of different drafts to show how they're navigating the rocky terrain of Zendikar Rising, specifically the raw power of MDFCs vs. the synergy that the top decks in the set provide.

Draft 1:

Sep 21, 2020

Fresh off of their first weekend of ZNR drafts, your hosts run through as much as they possibly can of this amazing new format! We go deep on discussing MDFCs, answering Big Picture questions, re-evaluating individual cards, Rare Encounters, and re-ranking top commons!

Sep 14, 2020

The ZNR Crash Course is finally here to get you primed, prepped, and ready for your first weekend of drafts of this new set. We're talking all things big picture like removal vs. creatures, tribal and archetype support, top 3 commons in each color and much more!

ZNR Spreadsheet:

Sep 7, 2020

With Zendikar Rising Preview Season in full swing, your hosts look at many of the commons and uncommons spoiled so far including their very own official free preview card courtesy of WOTC. We're bringing our thoughts on how big your Party will be, why Modal Double Faced Cards are so busted, how many lands we think...