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Lords of Limited

Nov 30, 2020

Your hosts are back with one of our favorite types of episodes: What's the Play? We look at a bunch of "Keep or Mull?" and in-game decisions from a number of tough spots in our recent KLR games! Follow along at home!

Keep or Mulls: 

What's the Plays:

Nov 23, 2020

An extension of Best-of-3 KLR Drafts means more deep dives on this awesome format! This week we take a look at what we've been winning with and how we're finding our ways into the best late-game engines or some laser-focused aggression!

Ethan's Draft:


Nov 16, 2020

Get in, losers, we're going to Kaladesh! Vehicles may not be as good as we remember, but that doesn't mean we aren't having a blast with this remastered set. With a full weekend of drafts under our belt, we're here to drop as much information as possible to get you maximum wins in your next KLR event!


Nov 9, 2020

Another Remastered set comes to Arena and that means another Crash Course style episode from your hosts! Today, we discuss mechanics, big picture archetypes, and give an early ranking for our top commons to get you ready for your first weekend of KLR Drafts!

Full youtube Review:

Nov 2, 2020

Join your hosts this week as they go through not one but two entire draft logs from their latest attempts to ladder up in Mythic in Zendikar Rising!

Ethan's Draft:

Ben's Draft: