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Lords of Limited

Jan 25, 2021

Your hosts are back for their patented Crash Course style episode to welcome Kaldheim in to the spotlight! You can expect all the usual content to get you primed and ready for your first drafts of this format: creature vs. removal stats, mechanic and archetype support, card disagreements, common and uncommon rankings,...

Jan 18, 2021

With spoiler season in full swing, your hosts are this week to discuss as many commons and uncommons as we can get our hands on! We look at new and returning mechanics, speculate on how they might play out in the limited environment, return to our "great or garbage" segment, and more in this hour packed with KHM content!

Jan 11, 2021

This week we're breaking down all the different ways your drafts can start and what possible routes you can take after a given P1p1. From "The Gold Rush" to "The Trainwreck" and everything in between, these blueprints are just what you need to help navigate your next draft! Plus, we've got Ben's free preview card for...

Jan 4, 2021

Your hosts are kicking of 2021 with a unique take on a favorite style of episode: Limited Level-Downs. In this hour, we explore a number of level-ups and heuristics that are important in a magic player's growth but that are sometimes taken too far or not understood properly. When should you deviate from a heuristic...