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Lords of Limited

Feb 22, 2021

After a ton of preparation for the Arena Sealed Open, your hosts are back to talking about what they know best: draft! They take a chance to check in on how the metagame has shifted on the BO1 Ladder and then dive in to four different draft logs to show how they're currently navigating Kaldheim!

Draft 1:

Feb 15, 2021

With the Arena Open and Sealed MCQ around the corner, your hosts dive deep into the world of Kaldheim Sealed to get you prepped to win that $2,000 prize! We discuss big picture thoughts, the biggest changes from draft to sealed, and even walk through a sealed pool build that you can play along with at home!

Sealed Pool:...

Feb 8, 2021

The power level of the commons in Kaldheim is extremely flat, and figuring out the best home for each of them can give you a real leg up on the competition. That's why we're here this week to discuss the considerations for every single common in Kaldheim and where they'll each perform at their...

Feb 1, 2021

Fresh off of a weekend full of KHM drafts (and a victory in the Lords vs Resources Rematch), your hosts are here with as much of an info dump as possible on how to win in this super complex format! From big picture questions to why you're not taking snow lands high enough, biggest over and underperformers, the top...