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Lords of Limited

Apr 26, 2021

As with any "guild" style set, it's incredibly important to try and find the open draft lane in Strixhaven. This week we're talking about all the considerations for changing majors in this format and put our discussions into practice with two draft logs reviews.

Draft 1:

Apr 19, 2021

With a full weekend of drafting under their belt, your hosts are here to give you our first impressions of what Strixhaven Limited has to offer. We discuss our thoughts on Learn/Lessons, Magecraft (aka Bencraft), review all 5 colleges, specific over/under performers, and finish things off with a roundtable!

Draft Log:

Apr 14, 2021

For our 200th (and second bonus) episode, we decide to shake things up on Lords of Limited. This week, your hosts are getting to know each other better with a back and forth interview style show to peel back the curtain and understand more about the men behind the Magic!

Apr 12, 2021

It's the first day of class and your hosts are here with a full syllabus ready to go! We talk through tons of big picture statistics for the upcoming format, then go through our biggest grading disagreements, and finish off with top commons/uncommons for each of the 5 colleges!


Apr 5, 2021

With the full Strixhaven Spoiler here a week early, your hosts are jumping right in to the deep end with predictions on what the archetype skeletons will look like for each of the five colleges in the upcoming set. This will be a great companion piece to next week's crash course episode and will help you to start...