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Lords of Limited

Jul 27, 2020

With Dominaria returning to MTG Arena this upcoming week, Ben and Ethan take a trip down memory lane to prepare for these drafts! We talk top commons, big picture, Wizards, Saprolings, Saga synergies, and what Best-of-1 might change about this format. All this and more in this jam-packed episode!

Sep 10, 2019

Episode 115 is here with an homage to the famous BenS "Drafting the Hard Way" article. We give you our best effort to summarize what we believe is the optimal approach to drafting with the bots on Arena. This episode is intended to be format agnostic and stand the test of time. Additionally, we go over our 4 Throne of...

Jun 18, 2019

Episode 103 is here to get you prepped and ready for your next Modern Horizons Sealed GP or next sealed event at your local shop! Your hosts have jammed 20 sealed pools to learn what makes the format tick and bring you advice from folks who Day 2'd Sealed Grand Prix from the LoL Discord!

No interaction deck: 

Sep 25, 2018

Lords of Limited 65 is here and brings a detailed statistical analysis of GRN! Your hosts use this to hypothesize about how to get an edge at the beginning of the format. Additionally, tricky cards to evaluate as well as top commons and uncommons are discussed. Don't miss out on the chance to get a huge leg up at your...

Apr 10, 2018

Episode 41 is here and so are the Lords of Limited official Dominaria preview cards! We are excited to share our take on breaking down how to approach learning a new format such as the current limited set or even Cube, as well as give you a sneak peek of 3 preview cards from DOM! 

Link to spreadsheet of top Modern Cube...