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Lords of Limited

Sep 25, 2018

Lords of Limited 65 is here and brings a detailed statistical analysis of GRN! Your hosts use this to hypothesize about how to get an edge at the beginning of the format. Additionally, tricky cards to evaluate as well as top commons and uncommons are discussed. Don't miss out on the chance to get a huge leg up at your...

Apr 10, 2018

Episode 41 is here and so are the Lords of Limited official Dominaria preview cards! We are excited to share our take on breaking down how to approach learning a new format such as the current limited set or even Cube, as well as give you a sneak peek of 3 preview cards from DOM! 

Link to spreadsheet of top Modern Cube...

Sep 24, 2017

The Lords of Limited Ixalan Rare/Mythic Set Review is here! Your hosts review every rare and mythic in the set to give you an edge when you join your first draft at your local shop or on MTGO. This episode contains reviews of White, Blue, and Black and will be followed by part 2 containing Red, Green, Colorless, Gold,...

Sep 6, 2017

Episode 10 is here, which means double digits of the podcast! In this episode, your hosts give you a primer for how to get into drafting Cube! Specifically, your Lords of Limited delve into some of the nuances of getting an edge in the Modern Cube that is coming out on MTGO!

Aug 16, 2017

Episode 7 is here! With over 200 drafts completed between them, your hosts go deep on how to draft and play against public enemy Number 1: Blue/Red Spells. Don't miss out on learning about what many consider one of the best decks in the format!